Looking After Your Neoprene Pouch

Our passion for upcycling wetsuits mean our neoprene pouches, bags and accessories carry the charm and stories of their past. Your adventures may add a few marks here and there, here’s a few tips to make sure your Mindful Manta purchase can stay with you for a very long time.  

Using your pouch or bag

Neoprene can stretch. Avoid overfilling your pouch or bag so much that the shape is overstretched and distorted. Repetitive overfilling which distorts the shape of your pouch or bag could lead to a permanent change to its form.  

If you get something stuck in your pouch zip, avoid excessive pulling. Instead try applying some lip balm or petroleum jelly on the zip teeth to loosen. Then try opening and closing gently. 

As with wetsuits, storing your pouch or bag scrunched up or awkwardly folded could eventually leave creases or a permanent crease in the neoprene and its form. Our pyramid pouches, for example, can be stuffed to maintain their shape when being stored for a long time. If you accidentally leave your pouch stored in an awkward shape, try stuffing, or lying flat to encourage it’s normal shape. 

Mindful Manta neoprene pouch in black surrounded by adventure camera, keyring, loose change and lip balm. 


If you need to clean your neoprene pouch or accessory, try spotting the affected area with a clean, damp cloth and a mild soap, or rinsing in cold or lukewarm water.

If your pouch gets wet when using it by the sea, you will want to pay special attention to the zip and metal components to prevent damaging corrosion from saltwater. Rinse the zip teeth, or soak the pouch in cold or lukewarm water, paying special attention to the zip to rinse off any salt water.

If you often use your pouch or bag in or around saltwater, every now and then you can use speciality wetsuit cleaner which you might already have, following the instructions on the bottle.

Always leave your neoprene product to air dry, and never machine wash or use hot water to clean your pouch, this can be detrimental to neoprene. 


Neoprene tote in black, sat on grassy bank next to the beach . 

If you have any doubts or questions about caring for your Mindful Manta purchase, don't hesitate to contact me at hello@mindfulmanta.com.