Wetsuit Donation Postage Label

Wetsuit Donation Postage Label

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Help save the planet and a wetsuit while you're at it! Our wetsuit recycling postage label is the perfect tool to make recycling wetsuits easy. Just buy the label and you can rest assured knowing you contributed to waste reduction - how cool is that?!

  1. Simply add it to your basket, complete checkout, and receive a return shipping label within 24 hours.
  2. Take your package to a DPD Local Shop to be shipped, with a weight limit of 20kg and no side longer than 60cm.
  3. As an added bonus, you'll receive a 20% discount code for any product in our store.


Additional Info

  • If your wetsuit is still usable, consider donating it to a charity shop or placing it on Freecycle first so it can continue to be loved and used!
  • Donations are thoroughly cleaned but please make sure wetsuits are dry before sending.
  • We accept wetsuits made out of neoprene plus eco-friendly wetsuit materials.
  • Applies to UK donations only.
  • If you would like the next product ordered custom made from your wetsuit - please write this clearly in the notes, so we can put your wetsuit aside.
  • Your discount will be automatically linked to your email address - use code WETSUIT20 at checkout on your next order.