Hello from Mindful Manta! 

Mindful Manta originated from a passion of the sea and eco-conscious values. I design practical pouches, purses and bags that you will use everyday, and that will come in use when you least expect them too.

The world ‘mindful’ encompasses our values, designed for functionality and sustainability. Using wetsuit waste is a huge part of what we do, embracing the adventures and memories from their past, and giving the opportunity to create more stories.

Our goal is to deliver a go-to versatile, practical and stylish product range, made of durable neoprene for your everyday use, and also staying organised on your wild adventures as a purse, wallet, pouch, coin bag, pencil case, makeup bag … and the list goes on!

     Balance square neoprene pouch in black at Piskies cove beach in Cornwall, on dive fins.    Balance square neoprene pouch in black at Piskies cove beach in Cornwall whilst snorkelling.

Mindful Manta truly combines my passions of recycling, textile design, the sea and my environmental values. I believe that we should strive to make a difference to the environment in every small way we can, in order to create a large impact. 
I have been interested in recycling and caring for our planet from a young age, from researching how to dispose of products in an environmentally friendly way, pestering my family to recycle at home, choosing to buy products that are planet friendly that I will keep for the long term, and introducing the compost bin to our families everyday life!
In 2015 I graduated in BA Hons Textile Design from Nottingham Trent University, where I designed fabrics for longevity and to be harmonious with our natural environment. This collection was exhibited alongside the Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE), a conference which addresses product lifetimes in the context of sustainability.
As a scuba diver, neoprene was naturally familiar and of interest to me, and it made sense to reuse what we already have lots of. Since then I have been experimenting with neoprene salvaged from wetsuits from local Sussex watersport activity centres. 
I hope you enjoy our recycled pouches and bags and join our journey.
Thank you for reading and please get in touch if you have any advice or comments using the contact page, or by emailing hello@mindfulmanta.com.
- Paula, founder and designer at Mindful Manta.